Giant FM Staff

Scott Huber
President/General Manager
Twitter: @wsvxgm

I have been with WSVX since 2001 and had the privilege to become an owner in 2007. I can tell you that working in radio has never been dull and it all began my 2nd day on the job which was September 11, 2001.


Johnny McCrory
News & Sports Director; Shelbyville Morning Show
Twitter: @jmcillini

I joined, then WOOO, in 1998. Working through the various identities of the station over the years, WKWH, and now, WSVX, 2014 is my 22nd year in the wonderful world of radio.
Having grown up in Illinois, I cannot stand IU or Purdue. I consider the rise of Butler basketball in my time here to be a blessing.




Tyson Conrady
Director of Corporate Operations

"The Tyson Show"

Rochester- 1p-4p Weekdays

Shelbyville/Greenfield- 6p-10p Weekdays

TikTok: @itstysonlive

Snapchat: Radioking1994
Instagram: @thetysonshow

Tyson has been with the station since October of 2011. I started working in radio at the age of 9. I serve on many boards in our community and like to be active in the place we all live and play. Tyson is the fifth ward Common Council member for the City of Shelbyville. He graduated from Vincennes University with an associate in broadcast sales in 2007. In January of 2011, I continued to study communication, media, broadcast engineering at the University of Indianapolis. He graduated in May of 2018. He loves cop-drama style TV shows, music, being a paranormal investigator (yes, a ghost hunter), and being a volunteer firefighter in St. Paul, Indiana. 


Randy Wynn
Voice Rochester Sports

Meet Randy Wynn, the voice behind WROI Giant fm's sports.

The familiar voice that everyone's known since the 90's when he started working for WROI, Randy is a Rochester High School graduate and has also been on the Rochester Fire Department since 1995.


John Adams
Rochester Afternoon Radio Host

Afternoon radio host John Adams is no stranger to radio.

Starting at his first station in Nebraska in the summer of 1994 at 15, a year before he was even able to obtain his license, he's been behind the microphone longer than he's been behind the wheel of a car.


For every station he has worked at, management has asked, “John, what are we playing?”

John has worked in every type of format, from country to current, but will always have a soft spot for his favorite genre, 90's rock.


During his career, John's watched radio transition from carts to wheel to automation systems.


Todd Zartman
Sales Manager / Co-Host of WROI's "Trading Post"

The man full of knowledge, from music to history, Todd Zartman aka the
Professor knows what you need to know.  Todd is the Sales Manager for 3
Towers Broadcasting as well as co-host of WROI’s Trading Post.  Todd has
always had a love for music, as well as the Cleveland Indians and
Cleveland Browns.  Outside of work and sports he enjoys a good British
comedy, anything from “Are You Being Served” to “Doctor Who”.  Can’t
leave out his love for British mysteries, ok so all British television.
He often jokes that most people want to retire to Florida or California
and he wants to retire to Britain.


Paul Zartman
Operations Manager / Rochester Morning Radio Host

I am a 2006 graduate of Tippecanoe Valley High School.  I always wanted to get into radio as a kid, which I think is what led to me pretending I was a radio show host. I would record songs onto a tape and then play them back, pausing in between songs to jock.  When I landed the job as a board operator at WROI, my childhood passion flashed before my eyes as a career.  My dream and passion to be a radio host manifested itself, as I finally got my foot in the door.  In 2017 I got offered a full-time position as the afternoon host and Program Director for WROI.

In August of 2019, when the radio station switched hands, I temporarily filled in for the morning DJ and was promoted to Operations Manager.  When it was finally time for me to go back to hosting the afternoons, we wanted to set afternoons apart from what I did in the mornings by creating a “radio persona.”  Based on my childhood nickname “Moose,” given to me by my dad, “Moose in the Afternoon” was born.

Aside from being behind the mic, I also have a strong love for All Elite Wrestling and my most important job that keeps me going, being a father of three.


Bettina "Tina" Kay Sommers Sullivan
Account Executive for WROI Giant FM 

My name is Bettina Kay Sommers Sullivan, most of you know me by Tina.  I grew up on a small farm in Rochester Indiana, where I got a lot of life experiences from my very hard-working Father.  I graduated from Rochester High School, and have a few college certificates from Ivy Tech, Warsaw.  I have held a few different long term jobs, which I took away a good work ethic and experience from each one.  I am now married to my amazing husband Robert Sullivan, and we live a comfortable life here in Rochester, where we love to travel and spend time with family and friends.  I have spent the last 7 years working as an Account Executive for WROI and now WROI Giant fm.  I have met a lot of great people and obtained a generous amount of relationships with business owners over the years I have spent with the radio.  My plan is to work for WROI until I retire to continue my travels to places unknown.


Shelby Lopez
News Reporter for WROI Giant FM

Shelby Lopez is a Rochester graduate, a former photojournalist for the local newspaper, and now a reporter for WROI Giant fm News. 

The mother of three is also co-owner of Digital Wolf Magazine and runs the portrait studio Expressions by Shelby Lopez in Kewanna.