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Police investigating AT&T robberies in Shelbyville, Greenfield, Indy, possible connections

Shelbyville Police are actively investigating a robbery at the AT&T store, and officials believe the crime may be connected to one that took place recently in Greenfield. 


According to Shawn Bennett, deputy chief of detectives for the Shelbyville Police Department, officers arrived Thursday at the business for a robbery call and found two employees, who were uninjured. 


The suspects were described as two black males. 


The robbery comes on the heels of a similar incident that happened at the AT&T Store, 1346 N. State St., Greenfield. Upon arrival at that case, police were advised two black male suspects entered the store and alerted those inside the store that it was being robbed. 


At the time, Greenfield Police Captain Michael Schwamberger told Giant FM, the department is looking into the possibility of this incident being related to other cell phone store robberies in the Indianapolis area. 


"As of right now, we don't have any evidence or indication that this is related to some of our other recent robberies in the Greenfield area. Several robbery rings -- not all -- in the past have shown us that groups of suspects will stick with a certain type of location i.e. banks, cell phone stores, fast food restaurants, etc. when they commit robberies. Lots of times, they start out in major cities and eventually spread out to surrounding communities. This robbery could be the case in that scenario based on the amount of cell phone store robberies that Indianapolis has experienced lately," he said. 


Bennett told Giant FM Friday morning the Shelbyville Police believe the suspects in the Greenfield and Shelbyville robberies are the same individuals. 


Anyone with information in the Shelbyville case is asked to please contact Detective Deborah Tilford with the Shelbyville Police Department at 317-392-5117.


Anyone with any information on the Greenfield case is asked to call the Greenfield Police Department at 317-477-4410.