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Brandon Kleine appointed Sugar Creek Township fire chief

A Shelby County fire chief has been named to the same post to lead the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department.


Trustee Bob Boyer has appointed Brandon Kleine as fire chief for Sugar Creek Township Fire Department.


Kleine took over the position this week.


"I've been there 18 years, going on 19.  I'm excited.  I never really thought I'd see this at 40 years old.  My family is excited."


"We have a great group of people at Sugar Creek.  I'm excited to, hopefully, lead them into the future.  We're a growing community.  It's a great place to work.  I've never in the 18 years I've been there wanted to leave.  It's a great opportunity."


Kleine has served with the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department since September 2001, and has served as a Lieutenant, Captain, House Captain, and most recently Battalion Chief.


Kleine is currently also serving as chief of the Morristown Volunteer Fire Department.  He’ll continue in that role, as well.


The previous Sugar Creek chief, John Begovich, will continue to serve as a FF/Paramedic.

Police investigate Shelbyville man's death on school grounds

Shelbyville Police are investigating a death on the grounds of Hendricks Elementary.


The deceased was located Saturday outside and behind the building.


The cause of death for the 34 year old Shelbyville man has been announced by police as self- inflicted.


GIANT fm News has chosen not to release the name of the man.

Morristown hosting Derby Days; competitors in Saturday's race

Saturday's Derby Race will follow the parade on U.S. 52 in Morristown.  




The competitors:


Carter McGuire

Car #66

Age:  10

Years racing:  2

Parents:  Mike and Deanna Conn

Favorite Scout activity:  Camping



Evan Trittipo

Car #4

Age:  10

Years racing:  3

Parents:  Brad and Michelle Trittipo

Favorite Scout activity:  Fire making



Davis Stover

Car #39

Age:  8

Years racing:  2

Parents:  David and Crystal Stover

Favorite Scout activity:  Woodworking



Landen Rinzel

Car #18

Age:  9

Years racing:  2

Parents:  Andy and Amy Rinzel

Favorite Scout activity:  Hiking



Owen Rinzel

Car #29

Age:  11

Years racing:  4

Parents:  Andy and Amy Rinzel

Favorite Scout activity:  Soap Box Derby



Ben Calaski

Car #83

Age:  8

Years racing:  Rookie

Parents:  Brian and Vicki Calaski

Favorite Scout activity:  Soap Box Derby



Andrew Marshall

Car #52

Age:  10

Years racing:  2

Parents:  Ryan and Angela Marshall; Shelly Marshall and Jerry Keeney

Favorite Scout activity:  Camping



Thane Cole

Car #51

Years racing:  2

Age:  10

Parents:  Tanya Cole

Favorite Scout activity:  Hiking



Weston Cole

Car #44

Years racing:   Rookie

Age:  9
Parents:  Tanya Cole

Favorite Scout activity:  Soap carving



Donaven Harper

Car #7

Years racing:  2

Age:  8

Parents:  Barry Harper, Jr. and Jessica Hobson

Favorite Scout activity:  Woodcraft rockets



Michael Ballenger

Car #14

Years racing:  3

Age:  11

Parents:  Bill and Allison Ballinger

Favorite Scout activity:  Camping



Eli Graves

Car #84

Years racing:  2

Age:  10

Parents:  John and Brandy Graves

Favorite Scout activity:  Derby racing



Xander Alsdorf

Car #8

Years racing:  Rookie

Age:  8

Parents:  James Alsdorf

Favorite Scout activity:  Cars



Dean Tyner II

Car #31

Years racing:  3

Age:  10

Parents:  Dean and Gina Tyner

Favortie scout activity:  Rockets



Collin Palmer

Car #22

Years racing:  2

Age:  10

Parents:  Jack and Sarah Palmer

Favorite Scout activity:  Pocket knives



Madelyn Shaffer

Car #50

Years racing:  Rookie

Age:  9

Parents:  Erin Carlton

Favorite Scout activity:  Camping



Raelynn Ramsey

Car #2

Years racing:  2

Age:  9

Parents:  Justin and Cassie Rogers

Favorite Scout activity:  Racing



Sawyer Rogers

Car #98

Years racing:  2

Age 9

Parents:  Justin and Cassie Rogers

Favorite scout activity:  Racing



Chloe Longwell

Car #1

Years racing:  2

Age:  9

Parents:  Andy and Ashley Longwell

Favorite Scout activity:  Racing, Father / Daughter camping



Megan Fox

Car #9

Years racing:  2

Age:  10

Parents:  Matt and Alissa Fox

Favorite Scout activity:  Cookie time



Elliott Graham

Car #27

Years racing:  Rookie

Age:  10

Parents:  Chris and Mary Graham

Favorite Scout activity:  Camping, playing with friends



Maycee Carlton

Car #25

Years racing:  Rookie

Age:  9

Parents:  Chad and Whitney Carlton

Favorite Scout activity:  Camping

New Shelbyville downtown restaurant readying for August opening

A longtime success in St. Paul is now being restaurant experience to Shelbyville’s Public Square.

Val and Alicia Phares are gearing up to open Pudder’s in the former 18 on the Square.




Not surprisingly, questions have arisen to compare and contrast what you’ll find at St. Paul Tavern and the new Pudder’s.



However, the St. Paul Tavern fried chicken is NOT coming to Pudder’s.


Pudder’s is shooting for an August 19th opening.


Shelbyville man subdued by Taser, arrested

Shelbyville Police used a Taser to subdue a man issuing threats at officers Tuesday.


Officers responded to a call of a man running around with a hammer and screwdriver saying he was going to kill the police.  The officers arrived at 625 South Pike Street at 1:00 pm.


The Shelbyville Police report says Michael Marshall Browning, 38, of Shelbyville, could be seen holding a hammer and screwdriver.  An officer told Browning to drop his weapons three times.  Each time Browning yelled no and raised the hammer as he got within 10-15 feet of the officers.  At that time, Browning was hit by the Taser and dropped to the ground where he was handcuffed.


The police report indicates Browning tested .19 BAC, over twice the legal limit.  Officers report Browning also stated that he had just used meth.


Browning’s criminal history includes being an Habitual Offender eligibility.  The affidavit to that was filed by Shelbyville Police.

Shelby County to add 4-way stop

A 4-way stop will soon be in place at a Shelby County intersection.


Commissioner Kevin Nigh says 1100 North and 500 West is currently just a two-way stop.  North and southbound traffic does not stop there.  Following a Shelby County Sheriff's Department study of the site and poor visibility due to the woods at the intersection, commissioners approved an ordinance to make the intersection a 4-way stop.


Nigh says the nearby Lakeview subdivision and a number of kids in the area increased the need to slow the traffic with the 4-way stop.

Firemen deal with fire, excessive heat Saturday

A Shelbyville home was damaged by a Saturday evening fire.


Shelbyville firemen, with manpower from the Marietta and Flat Rock fire departments, responded to 420 West McKay about 7:30 pm Saturday.


No cause for the fire has been released.  Local authorities may consult with the state fire marshal's office as their investigation continues into Monday.  


One fireman was pulled off for treatment of heat exhaustion and others were pulled off and relieved due to heat but no injuries were reported.


The home has been under construction.  It's owned by Frank Sundvall, Jr.

Dangerous weather sparks heat warnings through the weekend

An Excessive Heat Warning has been issued by the National Weather Service.


The warning extends from 2:00 pm Thursday to 8:00 pm Sunday.  Temperatures are expected in the mid to upper 90's daily.  The Heat index is expected to reach 105-110.


The hottest condiitions are expected Friday and Saturday.


The NWS warns that several days of this weather could have a cumulative impact on some individuals, especially those who spend prolonged time outdoors.  The most susceptible are the very young, the elderly, those without air conditioning, and anyone conducting strenuous outdoor activities.


Also, car interiors can reach lethal temperatures in a matter of minutes.



Shelbyville's downtown project debated in Common Council meeting

Monday’s meeting of the Shelbyville Common Council included a debate, of sorts, between the candidates for mayor in the upcoming election.  At the center of the conversation, the current proposed downtown project.


Republican candidate for mayor, Councilman brad Ridgeway offered a motion to delay a final vote on the downtown.



The motion failed to receive a second and died at that point.  But it didn’t end the conversation on the topic at Monday’s meeting.


Ridgeway spoke to designs for paying for the proposed $19 million project and what he felt is the public’s lack of understanding of the project, particularly lack of input on the old Major Hospital site.



Mayor Tom DeBaun, the Democrat incumbent, responded to statements on the public not being aware of what was going on related to the project and that revenues hadn’t been identified to pay for the proposed $19 million project.



Ridgeway began another motion to place a green space initiative proposed by Dee Bonner for the Major Hospital site.



City attorney Jennifer Meltzer says the current plan can’t be scrapped due to legal issues.



Mayor DeBaun noted the downtown has been a conversation for years including the current project.  DeBaun says housing needs and the character of the area of the former hospital made it prime for the current efforts.



Councilman Nathan Willis offered to Ridgeway the opportunity to discuss with he and Bonner implementing the green space initiative at another site.

Committee discusses Shelbyville's smoking ordinance with evolution of smoking technology

When the City of Shelbyville devised its public smoking ordinance years ago, e-cigarettes weren’t a technology on the market.


Now that they are the city’s Ordinance Committee met to discuss the proper language that would be needed to protect employees and patrons of businesses that allow smoking and other public areas that might be impacted.


City attorney Jennifer Meltzer told the committee that it might be best to use the state’s standard, which recognizes the new smoking technology.  Then, where the city deems it necessary to be more strict in its policy, it can.



The newly written ordinance will soon go to the common council for consideration.




Shelbyville AT&T robbed; suspects chased into Indianapolis

One arrest following a robbery and chase from Shelbyville into Indianapolis.


Shortly before 4:00 pm on Monday the Shelbyville Police Department received a 911 call from the AT&T store at 2584 E. State Road 44 reporting a robbery that just occurred. It was determined by tracking devices hidden in the stolen merchandise that the suspects fled westbound on I-74.


Suspect and vehicle descriptions were given by witnesses on the scene and officers gave chase west on I-74. The descriptions were given as three armed black males in a silver SUV with a missing hubcap from the right front wheel.


A Shelbyville Police  officer spotted a vehicle matching the description at I-74 and 465. The Shelbyville officer followed while IMPD and Marion County authorities were notified and other SPD officers caught up with him for back up. It was learned that the vehicle being followed was stolen in Marion County earlier in an armed carjacking.


The suspect vehicle began to accelerate away from officers near 465 and Shadeland Ave. The chase went on for several minutes on the southeast side of Indianapolis before the suspects fled from the vehicle in the Iron Gate housing addition on Mitthoeffer Rd. Units from the Shelbyville Police Department, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police and the Indiana State Police were able to apprehend one of the three suspects near the addition.


Shelbyville Police report the investigation will continue and more information will be gained. The name of the suspect is not known at this time and it is not known whether he is a juvenile or an adult.


There were no injuries and no property damage as a result of the chase or apprehension.

Shelbyville Police reporting woman's complaint of strange encounter at local stores

Shelbyville Police posted information on its Facebook page about a complaint reported by a woman with two people at local retail establishments.


The complaint was from a female in her early twenties who reported she was approached by an Arabic male while shopping in Walmart. The male was carrying a bright pink bag that said "For Her" in a heart on it. The male told the female he was with a cosmetic company out of LA that was trying to get their name out. The male handed her the bag and stated it would be $20, and he told her he could take cash or card. The female reported he was very aggressive with her while attempting to sell the bag so she declined.


The female stated she went to the cosmetics section of the store and a white female in her early twenties approached her with the same type of bag and the same sales pitch.



The female reported she left the store and went to Gordmans.  She arrived at Gordmans AND there were no cars parked near her. She stated she was in the store for a short amount of time, and upon walking out to her car there was a silver, late-model Honda 4-door parked next to her. She said the female from Walmart was in the passenger's seat, and when she looked up, the Arabic male was walking towards the vehicle in the parking lot. The complainant left the area and contacted police. The complainant was unable to get a license plate on the vehicle, but saw a sticker with a white rabbit on the back passenger's side window.



The Shelbyville Police Department asks everyone to please be aware of their surroundings. If you feel something is not right, please contact the police department and report it. If you see anyone that’s looks like the male and / or female in the pictures please contact the police department.




Waldron man surrenders to law enforcement responding to call of shots fired

A man was arrested after a report of shots fired brought law enforcement to a Waldron home early Wednesday evening.


Major Chris Holder of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department says they received a call reporting a distraught subject at the house in the 200 block of Pullman Street.  Shots had been fired inside the house.  SWAT responded to the scene.


The man, Joshua Hadley, 28, of Waldron, was the only person at the home during the incident.  He was peacefully taken into custody charged initially with criminal recklessness while armed with a deadly weapon.

Motorcycle - truck accident injures Morristown man

A Morristown man was injured in a motorcycle - truck accident Tuesday evening.


That accident in Shelby County at 300 East and US 52. The rider, Mark Myer of Morristown, was taken to Methodist Hospital from that scene.


The Shelby County Sheriff's Department says the rider was transported with a possible broken leg.

Semi left I-74 and overturned on Michigan Rd.; two taken to hospital

On Tuesday evening, Shelby County's Michigan Road, just west of 400 West, was completely blocked to traffic by an overturned semi tractor trailer that came off of I-74.


The driver, Victor Rancy, of Glendale, Arizona, and a passenger were outside of the cab when crews arrived.  They were taken to Methodist Hospital.



A blown tire is believed to be the cause of the accident.



The semi was eastbound on the interstate when the accident occurred causing it to cross both I-74 directions and leave the road on the east side.

Shelbyville's Splash Pad possible opening Tuesday after repairs

One of Shelbyville’s places to cool off is waiting for some drying before it can be wet again.


Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Director Karen Martin says concrete repairs are complete at the splash pad in Blue River Memorial Park.  If the concrete has dried enough then the splash pad will be available on Tuesday.  If not, it will open Wednesday.


Martin also says work continues to progress on a new canoe launch and paving on the old Bridge 13 now on Blue River Trail should happen this week.  That could lead to the bridge being opened to trail users soon with a ribbon cutting coming later in August.


Also, new playground equipment should soon be in place in Clearwick Park.  A company is expected to wrap up its current project in Greensburg then come to Shelbyville.